Bitcoin Eyes $36K As Wyckoff Level As Altcoins Prepare To Surge

Bitcoin Eyes $36K As Wyckoff Level As Altcoins Prepare To Surge

“A trader forecasts that conditions are converging to a new Wyckoff level, bringing new strength among altcoins, which suffered disproportionately as Bitcoin momentarily fell below $30,000. Wyckoff Level Is Critical For Bulls On July 6, Bitcoin (BTC) was heading towards a critical Wyckoff level, as BTC price movement piqued traders’ interest in an altcoin rally.”

Source: NewsBTC

FTX Exchange Now Valued at $25 Billion Following Successful $420 Million Fundraiser

“FTX cryptocurrency exchange has announced that it has successfully secured $420 million in funding through its series B-1 round from 69 investors, increasing the firm’s valuation to $25 billion, according to a press release on October 21, 2021. FTX Raises Fresh $420 Million Barely three months after completing a series

Associated Press plans to launch Chainlink node to publish data

“The news agency added it would be open to shifting its approach based on the response from developers as it kept “a finger on the pulse of the blockchain economy.” The Associated Press news agency announced it would be launching its own Chainlink oracle node to ensure any data from