Bitcoin volatility will always disappoint some investors: Michael Saylor

Bitcoin volatility will always disappoint some investors: Michael Saylor

“Traders who get into Bitcoin for short-term gains stand to be disappointed by the volatility associated with Bitcoin, according to MicroStrategy’s CEO.
MicroStrategy CEO and Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor recently featured in an interview to share his insights into the global macro environment alongside Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto in general. Speaking about the risks related to volatility, Saylor said, “The people that invest in Bitcoin as traders — and they don’t, they don’t have a technology view or the macro view — they’re always going to be disappointed because of volatility.”Matching the advice of seasoned crypto traders, Saylor cautioned viewers to invest (in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) only as much as they can afford to lose. The American entrepreneur also warned investors to neither make impulsive trades based on speculations nor give investment advice to fellow traders who intend short-term returns.On the other hand, the entrepreneur believes that regulatory complications currently stand as the biggest threat to the crypto economy.Related: 44% of investors expect Bitcoin to drop below $30K in 2021: CNBC surveyAs the stronger fiat currencies, such as the United States dollar and euro keep on printing, Saylor speculated that Bitcoin will only become stronger, concluding:“I’m looking at Bitcoin as the most distributed, strongest brand of a monetary asset in the world.”A recent survey of a small group of Bitcoin investors found that 44% of the investors reportedly expect Bitcoin’s price to settle down under $30,000, while 56% foresee a resumption of the bull run.”

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