Canadian prime minister’s sibling goes bananas for Dogecoin at Bitcoin 2021

Canadian prime minister's sibling goes bananas for Dogecoin at Bitcoin 2021

“”I say keep an open mind towards the Doge and Doge-consciousness,” said Kyle Kemper.
The big crypto news out of Miami over the weekend may have been El Salvador President Nayib Bukele’s decision to proceed with making Bitcoin legal tender, but another figure connected to a world leader made his own mark in supporting Dogecoin.In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph at the Bitcoin 2021 conference, Kyle Kemper, the 37-year-old half brother of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau resplendent in a banana costume, said he was launching a Dogecoin (DOGE) project. The initiative, called the “Million Doge Disco” is, according to Kemper, a combination of the smartphone game Pokemon Go, the popular 1990s digital pet craze Tamagotchi, and nonfungible tokens.“There are honestly Doge floating around us,” said Kemper, gesturing with his hand around the conference floor. “I suggest that you perhaps switch some crypto into some Doge for the pure reason to give it away.”The Doge enthusiast, who has been an outspoken Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto proponent, went on to say children likely found the meme-based cryptocurrency more appealing than BTC. As part of his promotional work at the conference, he was “giving the kids Dogecoin” through stickers with addresses: “Doge is a wonderful intro currency, so it’s really easy for kids to get started with Doge […] I say keep an open mind towards the Doge and Doge-consciousness.”Kemper also compared BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto to Jesus, saying he was “no longer with us, but he walked on water” and “one day perhaps” may rise from the dead to greet those in crypto. “Not yet,” said Kemper repeatedly when asked about the timeline for Satoshi’s speculative return. “Not yet.”Watch the full interview between Kemper and Cointelegraph here.”

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