Cardano and Ethereum: Expect ‘them to accelerate even more the moment…’

Ethereum Reaches New All-Time High, Bitcoin Breaks Above $38,000

“Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has seen quite a few setbacks since the time of its inception. Consider this, back in 2013, BTC had a dominance rate of around 94%. Well, at the time of writing, the BTC.D rate stood at 43.06%. The next question that pops up is that of Altcoins. Most”

Source: AMBCrypto

Cross-Chain Stablecoin Babelfish Adds RDOC to RSK’s Stablecoin Protocol

“RSK is proud to add the Babelfish stablecoin to its stablecoin protocol. RSK users will now enjoy the support of RDOC aside from the cross-chain digital asset. Babelfish facilitates the exchange and the flow of stablecoins to achieve a decentralized financial system. They also help to improve the use of

Bitcoin On-Chain Analysis: NVT Shows Legitimate Network Growth

“In this article, BeInCrypto takes a look at on-chain indicators, more specifically the Network Value to Transaction (NVT) ratio. This is done to try and determine if the current price movement for bitcoin (BTC) is supported by the change in transaction volume. The post Bitcoin On-Chain Analysis: NVT Shows Legitimate

Gensler suggests students start saving fiat

“Not content with working on regulating crypto platforms withing an inch of their lives, Gensler, chair of the SEC, is now giving college students the advice to start saving “early” and “often”. He quotes 8% as a possible yield from the savings.  In a video published on Gensler’s Twitter account yesterday, he