Ethereum, MATIC, YFI Price Analysis : 09 June

Ethereum Reaches New All-Time High, Bitcoin Breaks Above $38,000

“While Bitcoin has been losing market dominance every week, Ethereum has been capitalizing on it, increasing its market share to a solid 18.9%. This week, Polygon (MATIC) was in the news regarding its upcoming project Aavegotchi which combines NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. Sharing the spotlight was ( YFI ) as its developer talked about”

Source: AMBCrypto

China has made its move, the ball is now in America’s court

“In the light of China declaring all crypto transactions illegal, both memes and FUD flew around the market. Meanwhile, experts and analysts shared their takes on the development. On 25 September, Real Vision journalist Ash Bennington spoke to investment strategist and Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal to understand the significance