Five Top Wallets To Safely Hold And Store Crypto In 2021

Five Top Wallets To Safely Hold And Store Crypto In 2021

“Finding the right wallet is one of the most important steps any crypto holder can take. A proper wallet keeps coins safe from hackers. It also ensures you have autonomy over your money.  A report from Atlas VPN found how hackers managed to carry out 122 attacks in 2020, targeting decentralized applications (47), crypto exchangesRead More”


Could banks be precluded from getting involved in crypto?

“The war on crypto continues unabated as global securities, derivatives, and financial trade associations wrote a joint letter to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) complaining that the rules for banks becoming involved with crypto companies were too strict.  The letter from these associations pointed out that the underlying technology for cryptoassets “make it

VelasPad launch today: Changing the game for the crypto and blockchain industry

“Competition is heating up among blockchain ecosystems – the quest for speed, efficiency, and affordability flares up regularly due to high fees on Ethereum. And what better way to incubate and develop efficiently the ecosystem of deserving blockchains than to create well-funded experienced launch pads? To this end, VelasPad launchpad

How OpenChat and the Internet Computer Are Decentralizing Online Communication

“Online communication tools are convenient, but they also come at the cost of privacy and transparency. Building truly decentralized applications is the next frontier waiting to be conquered. OpenChat, a web-based messaging dapp that runs end-to-end on the Internet Computer blockchain, introduces a WhatsApp-like experience with the promise of exciting