Garlicoin Makes Crypto 420x More Fun Again

Garlicoin Makes Crypto 420x More Fun Again

“Did you know cryptocurrency can be 420X funnier when they are clean, garlic bread meme, and also have real tokenomics? Well, although a memecoin, Garlicoin is just that. A few years ago, garlic bread memes were really popular and on top of every memelord’s collection. Following the trend, in December 2017, a Reddit user, DigitalizedOrange,”

Source: NewsBTC

How Bitcoin Creates Our New Reality

“The essence of time, money, has been corrupted — but Bitcoin offers a new reality in which this link is fixed.” Source: Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides

Virtual Land Adjacent to Snoop Dogg’s Sandbox Estate Sells for $450K in Ethereum

“The popular American rapper Snoop Dogg revealed at the end of September that he acquired land in the blockchain-based virtual metaverse The Sandbox and had plans to recreate his mansion. On December 2, The Sandbox held a “Snoopverse Land Sale,” which allowed participants to purchase land adjacent to the famous