Impulseven: Myriad of Solutions in a Decentralized Ecosystem

Impulseven: Myriad of Solutions in a Decentralized Ecosystem

“[Sponsored] Touted by many as the ‘future of finance,’ the sector of decentralized finance or DeFi is booming. The demand is more than evident as there are currently over $64 billion locked in various protocols. The one thing that most of them have in common, however, is that they are rather specialized. The top protocols”

Source: CryptoPotato

Epic Games Opens Doors For Blockchain Games After Steam Ban

“Epic Games has told The Verge that it is open to having blockchain games and games that support cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets on its game store. Epic’s statement comes after its competitor, Valve, has banned games featuring blockchain technology and assets such as NFTs from Steam.  Epic was asked about

Why Japan ‘currently has no plan to issue CBDC’

“CBDCs are not only related to finance but diplomacy as well. With China now incentivizing users to pay with its digital renminbi [RMB] and South Korea also looking into a digital won, Japan has little choice but to examine its own readiness for a CBDC. On 15 October, Uchida Shinichi, Executive Director

This Bitcoin (BTC) Fractal Could Drive Price to $390,000

“Bitcoin has approached the $60,000 level and is back in the area of its all-time high (ATH) set in April 2021. Based on a fractal analysis of charts of previous BTC cycles, the peak prediction for the ongoing bull market even reaches the vicinity of $390,000. The post This Bitcoin