Institutional Investors Reconsider Gold Amidst Bitcoin Price Crash 

Institutional Investors Reconsider Gold Amidst Bitcoin Price Crash 

“J.P.Morgan analysts have revealed that the bitcoin (BTC) price dip witnessed in recent weeks has succeeded in weakening institutional investors’ appetite. The analysts note that there has been a considerable level of outflows from bitcoin funds while gold exchange-traded funds continue to see a decent level of inflows, according to reports on June 1, 2021.Read More”


SEC v. Ripple: More back and forth over ‘highly relevant’ additional docs

“XRP holders and court watchers tracking the SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit will soon have to pull out their 2022 diaries. With the court conceding to the SEC’s extension request and pushing the expert discovery deadline to 14 January, one can be assured that battle will enter yet another calendar

CoinMarketCap Warns Customers About Duplicating Passwords After Alleged Hack

“CoinMarketCap has released part of the findings from its investigation into a recent hack that saw over three million email addresses, allegedly from the platform, trading on hacking forums. The cybercriminals took a list of email addresses leaked in another breach. They then compared them with other leaked data to