Latest In Polkadot & Kusama – Parathreads, Treasury Updates, and Polkashots

Latest In Polkadot & Kusama – Parathreads, Treasury Updates, and Polkashots

“Multiple proposals await authorization from Polkadot Council Members. Plus, Polkadot Councillor suggests three ideas to improve governance mechanisms. Let us take a quick look at everything that has happened in the Polkadot ecosystem lately. 
Polkadot Updates
Figment Proposes To Use DOT As Incentive For “Figment Learn” Program
Figment is trying to get the token DOT to be used as incentives to expand the Polkadot developer ecosystems via learning platforms Figment Learn and DataHub. Figment Learn is the educational and onboarding platform for developers interested in Web 3 development, while DataHub provides the infrastructure for developers to build and scale their dApps for free. 
Polkadot’s Non-Profit Research Branch Seeks Financial Support For Chinese Market Development
In an effort to create more relatable, original, and quality Chinese content and appeal to a broader Chinese market, the non-profit branch Polkadot Ecology Research Institute is seeking 3 months of financial support for June, July, and August from the Polkadot Treasury. 
Polkadot Councillor Proposes “Blind Voting” To Improve Polkadot Governance
Polkadot Councillor and long-time member of the Polkadot community, Wei Tang proposed three ideas to improve the Polkadot governance mechanism, increase participation and reduce inactivity, increased accountability, and higher efficiency. He suggested introducing blind voting, the option to abstain, and the Council voting process restructuring. 
Polkadot Treasury Update
Anyone can suggest tips in Polkadot to improve the overall ecosystem. A tip will enter a closing phase when more than a half plus one of the tipping groups have endorsed a tip. There are currently 21 tips seeking final authorization from Polkadot Council members.
Kusama Updates
Parathread Overview
Parathreads are an idea for parachains to temporarily participate (on a block-by-block basis) in Polkadot security without needing to lease a dedicated parachain slot. Kusama currently has 11 parathreads that have been registered as potential parachains. Of this 11, 9 are running a crowdloan.
Polkashots Looking To Integrate IPFS And Meet Operating Costs
The Polkashots proposal seeks to meet the growing operating costs of providing filesystem snapshots of Kusama and Polkadot databases and integrating IPFS upload to decentralize the system. 
Kusama Miscellaneous

A little over half a million KSM tokens (511,532) are locked up in crowdloans.
Kusama has 17 tips in the pipeline that are waiting for final authorization from the Kusama Council.
KSM staking rate on Kusama has come down to 47%.

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