Launch of Virtue Poker on BSC Will Make It the First-Ever Blockchain-Based Multi-Chain Compatible Poker Platform

Launch of Virtue Poker on BSC Will Make It the First-Ever Blockchain-Based Multi-Chain Compatible Poker Platform

“The imminent launch of Virtue Poker, a blockchain-based P2P poker app, on the Binance Smart Chain has given rise to much enthusiasm in the crypto-gaming community. Once launched, it will become the first-ever licensed, multi-chain compatible poker platform to be using blockchain technology. 
The Evolution of the Virtue Poker Platform
The platform started its journey in 2016 as a decentralized peer-to-peer poker platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It was developed within Consensys and received backing from a host of other firms, including DFG Group, Digital Strategies, Fenbushi Capital, Flurry Capital, JRR, Pantera Capital, and others along with stakeholders Phil Ivey. It started with the ambition of delivering a safe, honest and fun gaming experience. 
Gradually, it received its license from the Malta Gaming Authority and came under its regulation as a platform that delivers provably fair poker on the blockchain, without ever having the custody of players’ funds. 
It raised $5 million in a successful investment round in April and then completed its IDO on SuperStarter. The platform was launched for the first time publicly for real money on May 28th. 
Going Live on the Binance Smart Chain
Once it launches on the BSC, Virtue Poker will provide for users to deposit funds in either BUSD or VPP. The first 100 players to deposit 1000 VPP through their BSC contract will receive 100 BNB tokens as a giveaway from the platform. The user deposits will go to a wallet within the Virtue Poker sidechain. However, the users will not lose control over their funds. 
It will list BEP-20 $VPP tokens on PancakeSwap and its LP rewards programs on both Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Out of the first 1,000,000 VPP tokens, LPs will earn 600,000 tokens on Pancake Swap and 400,000 tokens on Uniswap
Ryan Gittleson, the CEO of the platform, believes in Virtue Poker’s potential to become “the go-to-destination for blockchain-based wagering.” He believes that its launch on BSC will expedite the evolution by enabling “a whole new audience of crypto-enthusiast poker players to more conveniently deposit, wager, and play.”
Players can start participating and earn their share of over $500,000 in guaranteed prizes by downloading and playing on the app from now until July 15th. 
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Source: Crypto Daily™

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