Myōbu Announces EURO 2020 Charity Giveaway

Myōbu Announces EURO 2020 Charity Giveaway

“The cryptocurrency industry is never boring, but it is worth saying that it is not exactly fun, either. Sure, it can be exciting, interesting, intimidating, and filled with countless other emotions, but not a lot of people would say that it is fun. After all, many would agree that it is not a good idea”

Source: NewsBTC

IOEN Aims to Leverage Blockchain to Make Clean Energy Accessible

“[FEATURED CONTENT] In the world of cryptocurrencies, just a handful of projects contribute to the greater environmental issues leveraging blockchain technology. Potentially amongst the thousands of projects, sustainable projects currently have taken a back seat; however, IOEN’s vision and dedication have garnered increased attention. IOEN is a blockchain-based smart-grid energy

South Africa Bank to terminate accounts of clients offering crypto arbitrage services

“A leading South African bank reportedly sent account termination notices to several crypto clients. As per the local media, Standard Bank served notices to providers of automated cryptocurrency arbitrage services. The report noted that virtual currencies like Bitcoin trade at a higher price in South African exchanges compared to other