Netvrk To Feature Mazer Gaming In Their Virtual World

Netvrk To Feature Mazer Gaming In Their Virtual World

“Netvrk has just announced a strategic partnership with Mazer Gaming, the world leader in the field of e-sports. The partnership will see Mazer Gaming feature prominently in Netvrk’s virtual world while also taking an active role in all upcoming gaming tournaments. 
Bridging Crypto And Gaming
Mazer Gaming is one of the world’s most prominent gaming and entertainment organization that bridges the crypto space and gaming. Netvrk’s virtual world is seen as the platform for Mazer’s gaming community and serves as the platform’s virtual headquarters, featuring their latest offerings and events. 
Daniel Kennedy, the Chief Marketing Officer of Netvrk, stated, 

“Mazer Gaming has been a pioneer in the eSports arena, actively incorporating cryptocurrency into its platform. We’re excited to work with both the team and gaming community, to advance the union of gaming and crypto.”

Sam Kijak, the CEO of Mazer Gaming, added, 

“Virtual reality is something that will change the eSports and gaming landscape forever, especially through crypto. We look forward to working with Netvrk and utilizing their token and platform.”

One Of Several Partnerships 
The partnership with Mazer Gaming is the latest at the end of a busy few days, with two more partnerships announced over the past week. Netvrk has also announced a partnership with Flourishing Capital, and the partnership will focus on extending crypto market analysis to economic rewards and innovative virtual reality experiences. 
The second partnership that Netvrk announced over the past week is its collaboration with Babylons, the first community-owned Marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. The partnership will focus on bringing NFTs to the fore of the crypto universe. Babylon will also feature its virtual headquarters in Netvrk’s virtual world, and users can check the latest NFT offerings from the platform while also networking with other platform users. 
About Mazer Gaming 
Mazer Gaming is one of the leaders in the world of virtual gaming and esports and is actively involved in both the crypto and the blockchain space. Mazer gaming incorporates cryptocurrencies and NFT technology into its events, directly supporting the crypto community at large. 
About Netvrk 
A social virtual world, Netvrk comes with powerful tools and infrastructure that allows users of the platform to create, share and monetize their creations. Netvrk focuses on education, gaming, and virtual workspaces that are built around the concept of virtual land and assets.
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Source: Crypto Daily™

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