NY Authorities Pass Bill to Support Green Energy Bitcoin Mining

NY Authorities Pass Bill to Support Green Energy Bitcoin Mining

“New York authorities have soft-pedaled on the move to completely ban bitcoin (BTC) mining activities in the state via bill 6486 proposed by Senator Keven Parker earlier in May 2021. The bill has now been amended to allow only bitcoin mining operations powered by renewable energy to operate in the state.  New York Bitcoin MinersRead More”


El Salvador’s Bitcoin (BTC) Rollout Faces More Criticism, Here’s Why

“The El Salvadoran government is under severe criticism concerning the recent adoption of bitcoin as its native currency. The complaints arose even further after the Government announced that they bought more bitcoin in the current dip. It’s not clear if the people will continue using this coin or eventually boycott

Bitcoin mining difficulty surges 31% since July

“Mining new Bitcoin keeps getting harder, but the current difficulty is still far from its record highs. As the Bitcoin network hash rate continues to recover amid global miners accumulating more capacity, the cryptocurrency is getting increasingly difficult to mine.On Tuesday, the Bitcoin network posted another mining difficulty adjustment, rising 3.2%

Solana-based DEX Soldex AI: An interview with CEO John Robertson

“It is no surprise that with wider cryptocurrency adoption things are moving faster and faster in the blockchain world. And it became very clear that the cryptocurrency exchange market is evolving rapidly, which led to the demand for new technologies being implemented. Soldex AI is hoping to take their users